Simple. Modular. Versatile.

The BREEZE is a recreational harness with a simple design that fulfills the most diverse demands. In short, it is: comfortable, safe, lightweight and modular!

The BREEZE has no seat board. Its shell encloses the body perfectly and ensures maximum comfort. We chose a moderate height for the suspension points. In this way, the geometry allows an intuitive transmission of control pulses and weight shifting. Security was at the top of the to-do list for the BREEZE. With this harness we are integrating the PermAir technology developed for the Red Bull X-Alps for the first time in a recreational harness. The permanant air protector combines the advantages of foam and ram air protectors. PermAir offers maximum damping with minimal weight and space requirements in the rucksack.

A large back storage compartment with attachment for a hydration pack and a removable cockpit provide ample storage space.

The modular design of the BREEZE makes it possible to separate the cover from the seat shell. That converts the PERMAIR Set to the PURE Set and drops the weight of the already lightweight harness about 50%.

What is PermAir?

>> The basic concept of PermAir technology is an ingenious system consisting of several cells with the possibility of pressure equalization.

Protector with PermAir Technology

With the BREEZE we are integrating the PermAir technology in a recreational harness for the first time. PermAir combines the advantages of both foam and ram air protectors. PermAir provides maximum damping with minimum weight – even during takeoff.

Did you know?

>> Our PermAir protector is DHV tested and has a deceleration value of 31g at 100% inflation capacity. However, it has a high tolerance range and even when inflated to only 50% capacity has a deceleration value of 36g (we recommend that the protector always be inflated to 100% capacity!). The Inflation Bag serves not just as a storage bag, but also as a bellows for inflation. Just one shot of air and the protector is fully filled!

Modular System

The BREEZE features a unique modular design. When in the PermAir LINE, the BREEZE offers plenty of protection during takeoff thanks to our PermAir protector, making it ideal for beginners or schooling. The cover, including protector, can be separated from the seat in less than a minute.

Did you know?

>> In just a few steps the BREEZE can be transformed from the PERMAIR Set to the PURE Set. The PURE LINE of the BREEZE is equipped with a small back storage compartment that offers 15l of space to store your lightweight backpack – such as our HIKE packsack – and other equipment!

PERMAIR Set – 2100 grams

Weight savings

PURE Set – 1100 grams

Minimal Packing Size

Thanks to our PermAir technology the BREEZE can be reduced to an extremely small packing size, which can be even further compressed by using the Inflation Bag.

Did you know?

>> The Inflation Bag is not just for inflating the protector. With the protector packed in the bag, simply open the attached valve and apply pressure to squeeze any remaining air out and further compress the protector.

Front Pocket with integrated Cockpit

The pocket offers space for a camera, snacks or a battery pack and serves double-duty as a cockpit. The angle of the cockpit can be adapted to the visibility conditions!

Storage Compartments

The back storage compartment in the PERMAIR Set offers ample space as well as a sleeve for hydration bladder. The back compartment in the PURE Set offers about 15l of storage space for the most necessary equipment.

Size S M L XL
Pilot height (cm) 155 – 172 170 – 181 177 – 190 184 – 200
Suspension points height (cm) 41 43 46 46
Harness weight (g) PERMAIR Set 2100 2200 2300 2450
Harness weight (g) PURE Set 1100 1170 1240 1340
Harness certification / Protector certification LTF 91/09 & EN 1651:1999 LTF 91/09 & EN 1651:1999 LTF 91/09 & EN 1651:1999 LTF 91/09 & EN 1651:1999
Certification office DHV DHV DHV DHV
Volume of reserve container (cm³) 2500 – 4200 2500 – 5600 2500 – 5600 2500 – 5600
Volume of back storage compartment PERMAIR Set (l) 38 42 42 44
Volume of back storage compartment PURE Set (l) 15 15 15 15
Maximum load (kg) 120 120 120 120

The CORE is a classic loop harness with a high suspension due to its design. This results in a higher roll stability and damped flying behavior in turbulence. This is very peasant, especially with smaller wings.

By deliberately avoiding additional stiffening elements in the harness, it is “free floating” – similar to the hammock principle and thus adapts to the size of the pilot. As a result, a large range of pilots can be covered with one size.

The CORE is suitable as a lightweight Hike&Fly tandem passenger harness. However, due to the front-rescue-system it is not suitable for tandem pilots.

Due to the ultralight design the CORE is not recommended as a harness for winch towing.

Despite its ultra-lightweight construction, the CORE employs a 2 mm thin foam throughout the seat area, which contributes significantly to comfort and thermal insulation. The CORE thus protects you from drafts and cold in the back area, which is especially advantageous after strenuous Hike/Climb&Fly activities.

With the chest strap adjuster you can significantly change the agility and roll stability, and you have the possibility to reduce the pressure point on your inner thighs by tightening the adjuster.

The speerbar line on the CORE first runs through a pulley and is then held in position and under tension by a ring and the “Cord-Stopper”. This actively prevents the speerbar line from getting tangled. This means that nothing can interfere with the pilot’s field of vision and control area.


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