Range X-Alps

Light. Compact. Innovative.

The RANGE X-ALPS embodies the class of ultra-lightweight pod harnesses – a class that unites features that are nearly impossible to combine. Together with input from our X-Alps athletes and feedback from convinced RANGE X-ALPS2 pilots, we have succeeded with the RANGE X-ALPS3 in perfecting its coveted predecessor.

The RANGE X-ALPS3 was designed primarily for weight-optimized XC pilots who prefer compact equipment. Accordingly, the geometry and the seat shell were designed for high flying comfort, which can be enhanced with numerous features. The harness can be flown in a reclining as well as in an upright position. The adjustment can be easily adapted to conditions during flight. This way you feel safe flying even in turbulent air, and in the case of a disturbance, you can quickly straighten up and assume a compact body position.

The aerodynamic silhouette keeps you powerful and efficient during extended flights and long glides. The longitudinal stability of the harness can be additionally increased by means of stabilizers. This feature is a useful tool, especially for high performance pilots, to stay on course with maximum efficiency.

Every space has been used wisely in the development of the RANGE X-ALPS3. The optimally arranged storage compartments provide ample space even on long trips. Although the weight starting at 1.95 kg and the pack size are extremely small, we have placed great emphasis on easy handling. Due to its intuitive handling, the RANGE X-ALPS3 is suitable for both Hike&Fly competition pilots and XC pilots.

Thanks to its large protector, the PERMAIR technology offers high passive safety and rounds off the overall package perfectly.

Whether you are a Hike&Fly athlete, XC pilot, vol-biv adventurer or travel enthusiast – with the ultra-light XC harness you will enjoy the highest comfort on long distances, easy ascents on your Hike&Fly tours, and reliable safety thanks to PERMAIR technology.

Aerodynamic rear fairing

The ram pressure fairing inflates due to the incoming air and recombines the flow behind the pilot. This significantly improves drag and increases glide performance.

Power Frame

The Power Frame distributes the forces homogeneously over the entire seat shell and provides optimal support without pressure points – high flying comfort is guaranteed!

Front rescue system with cockpit

The cockpit provides space for several flight instruments and, together with the rescue system, is optimally located in the pilot’s field of vision. The V-line is suspended from the shoulders as in conventional harnesses.

Sandwich seat shell

The seat shell is equipped with a closed porous foam, which provides additional thermal insulation and increases seating comfort.

RECCO® reflector

The RECCO® reflector offers rescue services an additional chance to locate a missing person (e.g. in densely wooded areas).

Device for hydration system

The hydration bladder can be attached in the back storage compartment. The drinking tube is led to the shoulder strap via an opening.

Advantages of the PERMAIR protector

compared to other protector technologies


The further development of our first PERMAIR protector generation has a practical inflate/deflate check valve that makes the filling of your protector significantly easier. PERMAIR 2.0 protectors can also be inflated in several ways. In addition to the previously common variant with the inflation bag and compression function, you now have the option to fill your protector via the PERMAIR PUMP or in a minimalist way via the mouthpiece.


+  permanent
+  durable
–  packing size
–  weight
–  damage difficult to see


+ weight
+ packing size
– shape
– non permanent
– damage difficult to see


+ weight
+ packing size
+ shape
+ permanent
+ damages can be seen quickly

Optional accessories


The DESK is a pocket with integrated cockpit and is attached to the shoulder straps as well as the front container. This provides additional comfort especially on long XC flights. Besides a storage compartment with cable outlet for a battery pack, it offers you an additional expandable storage for cereal bars and similar things. The compartment can be easily accessed at any time during the flight. The flight instruments do not have to be removed for transport, so they can be quickly separated from the harness and stored safely.


The small electric pump is the most comfortable filling option of the PERMAIR protector. It also serves, with a battery capacity of 3600 mAh, as a powerbank and falls with only 150g proverbial hardly in the weight.

Size S M L
Pilot height (cm) 160 – 176 173 – 184 183 – 200
Harness weight (kg) 1.95 2.05 2.10
Maximum load (kg) 120 120 120
Harness certification EN1651/2018 EN1651/2018 EN1651/2018
Protector certification LTF NfL 2-565-20 LTF NfL 2-565-20 LTF NfL 2-565-20
Vol. rescue compartment (cm³) 4300 cm³ 4300 cm³ 4300 cm³

The pilot accounts for a third of the total drag, so the performance with a harness with an upright sitting position can vary greatly from that of a harness with a reclining position or a pod harness. Agility can be effected too – this depends on how high or low-slung the harness is. Whether the harness has a seatboard also plays a decisive role. The sooner the leg straps of the Get-up system become taut, the faster the damping effect will set in. Since the Power Frame also ensures an even weight distribution under the seat surface of the RANGE X-ALPS3, you will not miss the bulky seat board. Instead, you will quickly learn to appreciate the advantages of the hammock principle.

The stabilizers make the flight behavior more progressive, making the harness feel more stable. This feature is often desired by pilots who want to fly straight with maximum efficiency, such as competition pilots.

No – the chest strap is integrated in the support of the front mounted reserve container and foot pod. Shortening or lengthening it would either cause the reserve to sag inwards, or the pod fabric to become tensioned and possibly fail.

The length of the speed bar must be adjusted to your leg length. Both line, right and left, must have the same length. The speed bar on the RANGE X-ALPS3 comes already mounted and pre-set.

No, the suspension loops are too small for that.

You can increase the efficiency additionally if you stow the inflation bag in the dynamic pressure nose. It can be filled via the PERMAIR connector, which needs to be guided through the air intake.

Your RANGE X-ALPS3 package

Your RANGE X-ALPS3 harness comes with:

  • Harness EN 1651/2018 and LTF 91/09 certified
  • Inflation bag
  • PERMAIR protector
  • PERMAIR mouthpiece
  • 2 pieces carabiner Edelrid Foras
  • Rescue handle
  • Carbon foot plate
  • 2-stage carbon accelerator