Ultralight. Minimal pack size.

Never before could you pack your rescue this small! The DROP lightweight front container offers you the possibility to pack your rescue to the minimum pack size and weight. The lightweight front container is ideal for mounting lightweight round and square rescues universally on a variety of harnesses. It is ideally suited to our lightweight rescues TAPA X-ALPS and PEPPER CROSS LIGHT.

For an even smaller pack size, you can additionally compress the DROP with a zipper. On the top side your Hike&Fly Vario will find its place on the Velcro panel.

Size XS S M
Container weight (g) 90 100 110
V-line weight (g) 50 50 50
Volume (cm³) 1500 – 2200 2000 – 3800 2000 – 4200
V-line max load (kg) 120 120 120
Size XS S M
TAPA X-ALPS 90 perfect
TAPA X-ALPS 105 perfect
TAPA X-ALPS 125 perfect
PEPPER CROSS LIGHT 90 tight loose

Yes. The DROP is a universal lightweight front container with 3 fixation points. However, your harness must only offer the possibility to attach the horizontal fixation strap, which is sewn to the lower end of the DROP, to the get-up or the leg loops of your harness.

The volume specifications of your rescue manufacturer must be observed. Of course, the DROP is best combined with our lightweight rescues (PEPPER CROSS LIGHT and TAPA X-ALPS). However, other compact lightweight rescue chutes that match the volume range of the container can also be integrated into the DROP.

Yes, because the fixation lines are directly connected to the V-Line and otherwise the front container cannot be attached to the harness with 3 fixation points.